Meet Nate

First elected to the New Mexico Legislature in 2010, Nate was elected by his colleagues to the position of House Majority Leader in 2014. Beginning in 2017, Nate now serves as the House Minority Leader. During his time in New Mexico Legislature, Nate has demonstrated an unwavering commitment to creating high-wage jobs, improving our troubled educational system, and holding corrupt government officials accountable.


A native New Mexican, Nate Gentry has made a career out of serving New Mexico. With values rooted in honesty, integrity, and a commitment to hard work, Nate has been a tireless advocate for the people of House District 30. He says, “New Mexico is a beautiful and amazing place. I care for our state deeply and will continue to work to change how business is done in the Roundhouse. I will continue to work to restore public confidence in government and encourage prosperity for all New Mexicofamilies.”

Born at University of New Mexico Hospital in Albuquerque and raised in the Algodones, Nate quickly showed a natural inclination to leadership and civic duty. His academic and athletic success at Valley High School earned him a Presidential Scholarship to Rhodes College. There, Nate was a member of the school’s varsity soccer team and active in student government.

After college, Nate went to work for Senator Pete Domenici in Washington, DC. His tenure with Sen. Domenici furthered his interest in politics and the law, and Nate returned home to attend the University of New Mexico School of Law. After becoming a member of the New Mexico Bar, Nate returned to Washington to continue his work for New Mexicans in the U.S. Senate. Recognizing the importance of natural resources issues to New Mexico, Nate accepted the position of counsel to the US Senate Committee on Energy and Natural Resources. Under the leadership of Sen. Domenici, Nate advised United States senators on issues such as environment, energy, and natural resources with a special focus on addressing New Mexico’s water resource challenges.

After too many years away from fresh green chile, Nate returned home in 2007 with his best friend and wife, Erin Gentry. He continues to practice law, and in his free time, helps veterans, the disabled and disadvantaged children through Tickets for Joy, a charity he founded to provide free tickets to sporting and fine arts events.

“I want my children to grow up with a respect for government. Too many of our public officials are more interested in self-service than public service. We need to return integrity and good policies to our state government. If we work together to bring about change at the Roundhouse, our state government can be what it should.”