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“Nate is always there to provide assistance when the neighborhood needs his help. His willingness to help with getting to the right people, engaging resources when needed and responsiveness to the needs of the community he serves, make him a valuable member of our state legislature and neighborhood. Nate is not only our state representative, he and his family are neighbors and friends.”

~Tom & Suzy Andrego

“Unlike many politicians who we elect and they forget about us when they get to Santa Fe, Nate Gentry is constantly meeting with his constituents to keep a hand on the pulse of what is going on in our community. Nate is a true man of the people and a visionary who is constantly working towards a better New Mexico.”

~Judy and Paul Wilson

“Honor, integrity, intelligence, and a compassion for his constituents are the qualities that make Nate such a great member of the legislature. His door is open to everyone and he listens with interest and attention regardless of the issue. I am honored to have him represent my family and me in Santa Fe. He is a role model for other legislators.”

~Diane Snyder

“Nate first came to my door in 2012. He was very pleasant to speak with and had many ideas to share. Since then, I had some problems arise in the neighborhood. I contacted several city and state agencies before I called Nate for help. He was very swift and thorough in helping resolve the issues and getting the proper people together. I'm glad to know that we have a representative in Santa Fe that I can count on to get things done.” 

~ Karl Parker